McCarter-Senter Mayflower Lineage

For the descendants of H.F. McCarter and Mary Jane Senter

Mary Jane Senter
born 2 March 1858 Mouth of Wilson, Grayson, Virginia
died 11 October 1928 Boise, Ada, Idaho
married 24 September 1876 Grayson County, Virginia

Hugh Franklin McCarter
born November 1845 Elk Creek, Grayson, Virginia
died 3 April 1926 Boise, Ada, Idaho

Calvin Halbert Senter
born 2 September 1832 Crumpler, Ash, North Carolina
died 20 January 1911 Grayson County, Virginia
married 2 November 1854 Grayson County, Virginia

Rosamond B. Pugh
born 13 March 1838 Grassy Creek, Ash, North Carolina
died 5 March 1920 Grayson County, Virginia

Mary Jane "Polly" McClure
Mayflower Society Descendant No. 62,199
born 1792 St. Claire Bottom, Washington, Virginia
died 9 October 1863 Mouth of Wilson, Grayson, Virginia
married 6 June 1809 Abingdon, Washington, Virginia

Drury Senter
born 25 September 1788 Fayetteville, Cumberland, North Carolina
died 10 January 1853 Mouth of Wilson, Grayson, Virginia

Dorcas Cole
Mayflower Society Descendant No. 47,025
born 1770 Dutchess County, New York

Nathaniel McClure, Jr.
born 1747 Augusta County, Virginia
died about September 1792 Washington County, Virginia

Eunice Cole
Mayflower Society Descendant No. 47,032
born 27 April 1742 Eastham, Barnstable, Massachusetts
died about 1777 Dutchess County, New York
married about 1760

Eleazer Cole
born 9 July 1734 Harwich, Barnstable, Massachusetts
died before 1792 Dutchess County, New York

Also believed to be a descendant of Stephen Hopkins
although his lineage has not been as firmly established.
Mayflower Society Descendant No. 47,027

Israel Cole III
Mayflower Society Descendant No. 47,045
born 1712 Eastham, Barnstable, Massachusetts
died 1792 Washington County, Virginia
married 7 Jan 1736 Harwich, Barnstable, Massachusetts

Remember Burgess
born 23 June 1714 Eastham, Barnstable, Massachusetts
died 10 October 1772 Washington County, Virginia

Israel Cole II
Mayflower Society Descendant No. 18,130
born 28 June 1685 Eastham, Barnstable, Massachusetts
died before 9 September 1747 Eastham, Barnstable, Massachusetts
married 1709 Eastham, Barnstable, Massachusetts

Emary ______
born 25 September 1677 Newbury, Essex, Massachusetts

Mary Paine
Mayflower Society Descendant No. 28,954
born before 1655 Eastham, Barnstable, Massachusetts
died before 20 January 1723 Eastham, Barnstable Massachusetts
married 24 April 1679 Eastham, Barnstable, Massachusetts

Israel Cole I
born 8 January 1653 Eastham, Barnstable, Massachusetts
died 1724 Eastham, Barnstable, Massachusetts

Mary Snow
Mayflower Society Descendant No. 31,610
born 14 December 1630 Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts
died 28 April 1704 Eastham, Barnstable, Massachusetts
married before April 1651 Eastham, Barnstable, Massachusetts

Thomas Paine
born 18 January 1613 Kent, England
died 16 August 1706 Eastham, Barnstable, Massachusetts

Constance Hopkins of the Mayflower, 1620
born before 11 May 1606 Hursley, Hampshire, England
died October 1677 Eastham, Barnstable, Massachusetts
married before 1628 Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts

Nicholas Snow of the Anne, 1623
born 25 January 1599 Hoxton, Middlesex, England
died 15 November 1676 Eastham, Barnstable, Massachusetts

Stephen Hopkins of the Mayflower, 1620
born about 1579 Hampshire, England
died June 1644 Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts
married before 13 May 1604 England

Mary ______
died before 9 May 1613 Hursley, Hampshire, England

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